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Karan Johar celebrates birthday, clarifies on Covid Scare !

By Rinku Gupta Even as ace Bollywood producer Karan Johar celebrated his 48th birthday today at home with his family,  he also shared news about a covid scare in his household amidst the lockdown. Apparently,  two of his staff members at home tested positive for the covid 19 virus. Johar lives in Mumbai with his mom Hiroo Johar and twin kids, Yash and Roohi. Yash and Roohi celebrating dad Karan Johar's birthday Johar put out a clarification on social media for concerned fans and reassured them that the necessary quarantine measures have been taken and the family members andrestof the staff  are safe: I'd like to inform you that 2 members of our household staff have t ested positive for Covid-1 9. As soon as the symptoms were detected,  they were put under quarantine in a section of our building.The BMC  was informed immediately, and the building has been fumigated and  sterilised by them as per the norms.  The rest of us in the family