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Quick Review : Tolet

by Rinku Gupta  This film, directed by Chezhiyan who has also handled the camera , story and screenplay, has already swept several international awards at major film festivals apart from a the National Award for Best Tamil Film. As the title suggests the film is a simple tale of the issue of renting a home in a big city. The common issue faced by people across the world touches a chord. The film is about  a young couple who with thier little boy, are suddenly asked to vacate their home by the landlady. Within a short timeframe they are forced to look for another home but the  task is far tougher than they imagined.  From food preferences to profession, community, rental rates and terrible living conditions,  they  face many a hurdle. What happens when DDay finally arrives? Do they find a home ? The camerawork is simply superb with its subtle lighting, frames and textures. The actors Santosh Sreeram, Sheela Rajkumar, Dharun, Adhira and all  the others have given very subtle

Quick Review: Pettikadai

Pettikadai directed by Essaki Karvannan, is a film which tries it best to give a message in what it believes is an entertaining manner. The film goes into flashback mode when an idealistic doctor ( Chandini) starts work in a village in order to serve people. There she learns about 2 lovers  ( Mosakutty Veera and Varsha Bollamma) and hears thier sad story of lost love. Suddenly the film jumps back to the present and takes up the issue of combatting the big bad world of corporate companies who are taking away the livelihood of rural people and slowly stifling the culture and traditions along with  the economy. In between, we also have the story of  Samudrakani in  the form of a silambam teacher who tries to educate people on the issue but is murdered by the corporate stooges who are controlling corrupt politicians. Chandini in her zeal to protect local businesses and the traditional economy,  tries her best to get back the lost pettikadai culture and end the corporate monopol

Bose Venkat turns director

Offer him any roles and he will stand out to be an exceptional performer. While being heroes, heroines, comedians or villains might be regarded as the prime league attention seekers; there are exceptional actors who instantly steal the show even with their minimal screen prominence. Actor Bose Venkat has become an integral part of every family for his long span of journey in media diversified into Small and Silver screens.  With such proficient qualities as a performer, he is always known for his sound knowledge about technical and narrative aspects of filmmaking too. Acquiring such skills, it’s time for Bose Venkat to embark on his directorial venture with tentatively titled “Production No.3” of producer Hasheer’s Rooby Films.  “It’s been a long run dream for and it’s finally happening,” says Bose Venkat, whose maiden debut will be a commercial entertainer. Adding more about his new journey, the actor jokingly says, “Every time while working with different filmmakers, I wou