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Kangana Ranaut launches Tamil trailer of her Manikarnika in Chennai

by Rinku Gupta   Looking regal and resplendant in an elegantly draped silk sari,  Bollywwod actor Kangana Ranaut was in Chennai this evening to launch the Tamil trailer of Manikarnika . The film is being released on January 25th in Hindi  and dubbed in Tamil and Telugu as well. Kangana has co-directed the film and acted in the lead role as the Rani Of Jhansi, the brave warrior queen Lakshmibai. Speaking on the occasion Kangana acknowledged that it was a tough role to play, and she had to understand the character of one so perfect with high ideals. The action war sequences were tough to ace as she had to wield swords for fights and also ride on horseback for some sword fights. The physical rigeurs of her role were a tough proposition for her lean frame. The actor felt she should have done such roles much earlier in her 12 year career as they were inspiring. Accompanied by producer Kamal Jain, the actor answered questions from the emcee and the  media and seemed quite up

Quick Review :Maanik

by Rinku Gupta The story of Maaniik revolves around a boy called Maanik, (Makapa Anand) who has a strange gift from the Gods, that will  benefit him only when he is 27. As luck would have it, he lands up at the ashram of a God man (a leggings clad, lipstick sporting man who seems to be fake but seems to have powers that work somehow). The God Man reveals that for one year, Maaniik will have a boon. Whichever girl says 'I Love You' to him, her father will die immediately. Maanik and his fellow wastrel friend Jack ( Vathsan ), have a passion for cricket. They now share a common (very impractical considering they dont even have jobs) goal of buying the CSK team and making them play!  How they use Maanik's boon to somehow ururp and earn money through fraudulent means to attain their goal, forms the story. The premise of the film sounds interesting on paper. How debut director Martyn executes is however neither rom nor com. In its favour it can be said that novel situat

What is K13?

by Rinku Gupta The title of any film is usually one of the main attractions of any project. It gives the viewer an inkling as to what to expect from the film. Titles are therefore carefully thought about and on some occasions, even explained in detail if they are mysterious sounding. The relevance of the   Arulnithi-Shraddha Srinath starrer K13 has  been revealed by director  Barath Neelakantan,  “K13 happens to be the address of a home and it has a lot of connectivity with the premise of this film. We are bound by   certain limitations of not revealing more than this, as we want the audience to experience it by themselves.”  Produced by SP Shankar and Santha Priya for SP Cinemas, K 13 is co-produced by Kishore Sampath and Tesha Shree T. Darbukka Siva is composing music for the film, Aravinnd Singh handles cinematography, edit is  by Ruben and sound design by Udayakumar.T. Sudesh has choreographed action sequences that are touted to be one of the highlights of the film. K13