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Red Giant Movies' Magizh Thirumeni directorial Kalaga Thalaivan, starring Udhaynidhi Stalin, Aarav, Kalaiyarasan, Nidhi Agarwal, Anupama Kumar and Angana Roy hit screens today, Nov. 18th. A corporate giant Vahjrah is in potential big trouble due to key secrets  being leaked out about their new launch vehicle. They hire ex army commando and now hitman, Arjun ( Arav) and his team to find out where the leaks are from.  Arjun does a thorough job and the final links lead him to Chennai, to Karthik Gandhi (Kalaiyrasan) and Thirumaaran (Udhaynidhi Stalin) who are working in Vahjrah. Are these two whistle blowers or selling company secrets for money? How does Arjun discover their well- covered tracks?  Does the ruthless  killer Arjun succeed in his plans to expose and eliminate the duo?  Magizh Thirumeni has delivered a neatly packaged action thriller dealing with corporate espionage, aided by a well chosen cast. Udhay does a neat job as the quiet but resilient and

Film Review : YUGI

Uan Film House's Yugi directed by  Zac Hariss, hits  theatres on Nov 18th. Detective Nandakumar ( Narain Ram) is in search of a girl (Kayal Anandhi) at the request of a senior cop Purushottaman  (Pratap Pothen). She ( Kayal Anandhi) is his second wife's daughter and he e wants to know what harm has befallen her.  Sami ( Natty) a politico's henchman is in search of Purushottaman in an idol smuggling case.  A suspended cop Rajkumar (Kathir) joins Nandakumar's team in his search. He has a disabled wife ( Pavithra lakshmi) at home whom he looks after with care. In this melee of characters is an ageing star (John Vijay) and a doctor ( Vinodini) who harbour a devious secret and know more than they let on,  about the the missing girl everyone is in search of.  As the story proceeds and several twists emege, nothing is what it seems on the surface and the mystery deepens. Who is the missing girl and what happened to her? Several people are being shot. By whom and why? The thr