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Quick Review: Devi +2

By Rinku Gupta Devi +2 is the Prabhu Deva and Tamannah starrer directed by Vijay asks a sequel to Devi. The film also stars Sonu Sood in a cameo along with RJ Balaji and Kovai Sarala. The scene shifts to Mauritius after Krishna ( Prabhu Deva) is convinced that the Ruby ghost will not bother his wife ( Tamannaah) and him over there. But a new set of problems awaits the happy couple. This time not one but two spirits decide to invade not the wife but husband's body. One is Alex Britto and the other is Ranga Reddy. When they are in Krishna's body each time they chase their respective lovers ( Nandita Swetha and Dimple). This leads to Krishna being sucked into a case of mistaken identity and several problems. Does his wife manage to free him of the ghosts? The locations of Mauritius offer good visuals and breathe fresh life into the story. Tamannah shines as the loving and dutiful housewife and looks beautiful in traditional saris. Prabhu Deva as the doting husband is a goo