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Quick Review : Ayogya

by Rinku Gupta Ayogya, directed by Mani Venkat, is Vishal's next film, co-starring Raashi Khanna, Pooja Devaraiya, Parthiepan, KS Ravikumar and others. The story is about an orphan  who grows up in the world of crime and learns fast that to survive in the big bad world, becoming  a corrupt cop is the easiest way to power and money. When he, Karnan ( Vishal) grows up, he fulfils his dream and gets rich serving goons ( like a Don, played by Parthiepan) till one day life teaches him to look beyond himself and respect the power of his  uniform in serving society. A young woman's violent abuse and death shakes up his conscience and he finally decides to mete justice to the perpetrators. Does he achieve his goal? At what cost? The film has lots of action scenes and ample stock of Vishal beating up dozens of goons. The romance with Raashi Khanna doesn't let off many sparks but serves the purpose of propelling the story forward. Parthiepan is his usual witty self but as a don