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Social Media booms in pandemic, now Ganesh- Nisha Re-launch You Tube Channel !

By Rinku Gupta The lockdown has given rise to several innovative uses of technology and the multiple platforms of social media, have  brought Kollywood celebs closer to fans. Be it on Twitter Spaces, Instagram Stories or YouTube, the opps to interact with followers are many.  To name a few,   Hansika  was among the early birds, with her vlogs of travel, fashion, friends, weddings and home videos, giving a peek into her life, on You Tube.   Kollywood couple  Shanthnu  and  Kiki's  super hit You Tube channel is going great guns with their fun peek into their personal lives with lively memes and mind voice edits being a highlight, perking up the proceedings, showcasing the duo's ability to laugh at themselves. The most recent video of Kiki's household chores during quarantine and lockdown has been an instant hit. The duo's candour, humor and emotional quotient has a special connect with their viewers. Poorna , recently started Myself Chinnatty giving a peek into her life,