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Kamal Haasan's Raaj Kamal Films International (RKFI) recently announced their next project, a song , titled 'Inimel' with Shruti Haasan and Lokesh Kanagaraj.

  Kamal Haasan's Raaj Kamal Films International (RKFI) recently announced their next project, a song , titled 'Inimel' with Shruti Haasan and Lokesh Kanagaraj. The project marks RKFI's second collaboration with Lokesh Kanagaraj after Vikram which was a resounding success at the global box office. It also marks Lokesh’s debut as an actor as mentioned the in the poster. 'Inimel', which means From Now On, is a song that portrays all stages of love in a modern urban relationship along with its ebbs and flows. Sung and composed by Shruti Haasan herself, Inimel has been penned by Kamal Haasan and it perfectly captures the dynamics of a contemporary romance which is bound to strike a chord with the audiences. The track has been conceptualised by Shruti who has previously conceived her successful independent songs like Edge, She’s a Hero and Monster Machine. Inimel has piqued the interest of the fans ever since RKFI announced the project few days ago. The first look was

Movie Review: Amigo Garage

 Rudhra (Master Mahedran)  shares a deep bond with his 2 school buddies. The trio become close to  Anand, the owner of Amigo Garage nearby even though he is a ganja dealer on the side. Even when they grow up their friendship with him remains intact, despite the warning of parents to stay away.  One day due to a street altercation with a rowdy, Guru, Rudhra lands up in the cross hairs of the rowdy who seeks revenge for the insult. Due a series of events in this cat and mouse game of revenge, Rudhra slowly gets sucked into a life of crime with drugs adding to the deadly concotion.   In the midst of this, he falls in love with Tamizh and the duo decide to her married.  But one day when she sees a murder of his friend right in front of her eyes,  she rethinks her decision. In the meantime, Rudhra continues in his journey of murder, drugs and mayhem. His enemies are still at large. What happens to Rudhra? Does his love survive the circumstances of his new life of crime? The film seeks to hi

Movie Review: Premalu

 ‘Premalu’ Tamil Theatrical Release by Red Giant Movies Actors: Naslen Mamitha Baiju Althaf Salim Shyam Mohan M Akhila Bhargavan Meenakshi Raveendran Sangeeth Prathap Shameer Khan Technicians: Director: Girish A D  Producers: Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran  Written by: Girish A D, Kiran Josey Music: Vishnu Vijay  Cinematography: Ajmal Sabu Editor: Akash Joseph Varghese Production Design: Vinod Raveendran Lyricist: Suhail Koya Sound Design:  Sankaran A S, K C Sidharthan Sound Mix: Vishnu Sujathan VFX: Egg White VFX  Stills:  Jan Joseph George Publicity Designs: Yellow Tooths  Executive Producers: Benny Kattappana, Jos Vijay Production Controller: Richard Production House: Bhavana Studios  Distribution: Red Giant Movies PRO - Sathish (AIM) Sachin ( Neslan) has no majorr career plan except to go to the UK on work. But he is at a,loose end when his vias application is rejected. Before trying again later, he goes to Hyderabad with his buddy Amal Davis ( sangeeth prathap) for