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The Santhanam starrer, Agent Kannayiram directed by  Manoj Beedha hit theatres on Nov 25th. Agent Kannayiram ( Santhanam) has had a tough childhood being an illegitimate child of a rich man. When he grows up he turns into an aspiring  detective. But tragedy befalls when he loses his beloved mother. To add to his pain is the fact that he arrived too late  to his village,to pay respects as her body was, given away for early cremation. As he stays on in the village, he struggles to find cases, but finally lands a big one, which involves finding out the link between multiple dead bodies on a railway track at regular intervals.  With resistance from cops and no help except a documentary maker ( Riya Suman) and an assistant ( Pugazh) he makes a slow headway. Does he succeed? What is the mystery behind all this?  The film is an attempt at noir comedy and though the mother sentiment seems done right, the comedy portions that we come to expect from Santhanam, are minimal. The dark f