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Movie Review : Harkara

"Harkara" "ஹர்காரா" Actors: Ram Arun Castro - Matheswaran / Harkara Kaali Venkat - Postman Kaali Gautami Chowdry - Durga 'Pichaikkaran' Murthy - Periyavar Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan - Kangani Nicola Fuster - James Balu Bose - Ganesan Ambed - Ayyavu Kulothungan - Muthiah Senthil - Marudhu & Pithan 'Kayal' Vijayalakshmi - Mariammal TECHNICIANS Written & Directed by : Ram Arun Castro Production : Kalorful Beta Movement / Paradigm Pictures / Dheena Productions Produced by : N.A.Ramu / Saravanan Ponraj Co-Producer : Arvind Dharmaraj / Dheena  DOP : Philip R.Sundar / Lokesh Elangovan Music Composer : Ramshanker Editor : Dani Charles Art : VRK Ramesh Stunt : Run Ravi Choreography : Viji Sathish Costume Designer : Aiyyelu Sivakumar Makeup : E.Muthukrishnan Executive Producer : Chelladurai Tamilnadu Theatrical Release By Dream Warrior Pictures. Harkara refers to the original postal deliverymen, set up during the East India Company's time in India.

Movie Review : Adiyae

Adiyae, a sci- fi romantic drama is about a boy Jeeva ( GV Prakash) who is on the verge of suicide when fate via a TV Show reminds him of his schooldays love, Senthazhini ( Gouri G Kishan). Giving up the suicide idea, his only aim now is to reach the now super successgul singer and tell her about his love for her, which he could not do till now.  But in a strange twist of events, Jeeva lands up in an alternate universe, where he discovers that he is not married to Senthazhini. But there is a flip side which brings him back in Time and space to his dismal present day situation again and again.  What is the secret of this Time travel into a parallel universe? Does Jeeva ever get to declare his love? Do the duo get a happily ever after in this life? The movie has an interesting concept which keeps you hooked to the screen all through. The chemistry of GV Prakash and Gouri Kishan is crackling, which makes you root for them to unite somehow. GV Prakash is a consummate performer and he is sp

Movie Review: Partner

 An IT impersonator indulging in fraudulent recycling of stolen goods,  Kalyan's ( Yogi Babu), has a friend Sridhar ( Aadhi Pinisetty) who suddenly comes to Chennai looking for work. He  is in need of 25 lakhs to pay off a debt and rescue his sister from a forced marriage to the loan shark. In order to make a quick buck, Sridhar lands up in a scientist's home to steal an important chip for a businessman ( John Vijay). But due to a series of events, his friend Kalyan gets injected by a mysterious drug in the scientist's lab. The next morning, to his horror he finds that Kalyan has turned into a girl ( Hansika)!  What happens next? Does Kalyan get back to his original form? Can Sridhar save his sister on time? The film is a laugh riot. Yogi Babu rocks as Kalyan, in a role different from his usual ones. Robo Shankar, Thangadurai, Muniskanth and Ravi Mariya add to the fun.  Aadhi does a good job of his role and his scenes with Yogi Babu brings out their strong bond. Hansika doe

Movie Review : King of Kotha

SI Shahul Hassan ( Prasanna) is posted at a town called Kotha. There Tara (Aishwarya Lakshmi) a social worker tells him about a cruel don Kannan Bhai ( Shabeer Kallarakkal) who indulges in selling ganja and other nefarious activities. Shahul is determined to catch him but things are not so easy. Upon investigation he finds out about Kannan's history which involves his best friend Raju Bhai ( Dulquer Salman)  who was the king of Kotha as a don. But a fallout between the duo led to gang wars and bloodshed. What is their backstory ? Where is Raju now? What is the plan Shahul has to nab both the dons in one go? Does he succeed? The film has  gives off  a KGF kind of vibe given the narrative of a period setting and a don backstory. The splendid art work is immaculately done to take you back in time of the story setting (80's and 90's ). The multiple supporting characters do a good job at performing and bringing the narrative to life.  Dulquer, the fine performer that he is, give

Movie Review: GRAN TURISMO

  SYNOPSIS - Directed by Neill Blomkamp, this is a biological sports drama based on a video game series of the same name initiated by Polyphony Digital. It narrates the true story of Jann Mardenborough (played by Archie Madekwe), a teenage Gran Turismo player who was able to become a professional race car driver. A struggling gamer (Archie Madekwe), a failed former race-car driver (David E task Harbour), of and an idealistic motorsport executive (Orlando Bloom), team up fortaking on the most elite sport in the world. This is an inspiring thriller that motivates to achieve the impossible provided one has that passion and professionalism to pursue one's aim and ambition in life.  The power-packed action thriller proves and proclaims that nothing is impossible when one is motivated from within to move on and make things possible. The film premiered at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Review:   The film makes for a superb watch with its slick making, fast paced screenplay w