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Film Review : Paayum Oli Nee Yenakku

 Director Karthik Adwaith's Vikram Prabhu, Vani Bhojan, Vivek Prasanna starrer, Paayum Oli Nee Yenakku hit screens on June 23rd. Aravind ( Vikram Prabhu) runs an I T firm with his friend ( Vivek Prasanna). During the wedding arrangements for his sister, he meets an event planner ( Vani Bhojan) and they fall in love.  But there is a secret he finally reveals to her before she decides on marriage.  He suffers from night blindness.  Before their love story takes wings,  a series of tragedies befall Aravind's life.  Who are the people behind it all? Does Aravind manage to find the truth and take revenge dispite his diability? The film has pleasant visuals, a breezy love track,  bits of comedy, family sentiment and solid performances. The stunt sequences are a highlight,  with Vikram Prabhu aceing the fights in a credible manner. Watch out for the climax sequence. Vikram Prabhu looks urbane and stylish in his makeover, and his scenes with the pretty Vani Bhojan, who makes her presen

Film Review : Regina

 Director Domin D Silva's Regina, starring Sunainaa, Nivas , Vivek Prasanna and others,  hit screens on June 23rd. Regina ( Sunainaa) suffers a tragedy when her husband is killed in a bank heist and she also loses a baby.  Efforts for help from the cops fail and she is insulted every time she tries.  Cut to a new Regina who moves to another town, takes up a job and now plans revenge , determined to find out who the killers were. Does she succeed?  The first half of Regina moves a tad slowly as we get introduced to the characters. The Sooravali song , a melodious track by producer- music director Sathish Nair lingers long after, both for the visuals as well as Sid Sriram's soulful rendering. The second half is where most of the action,  suspense and drama is and with its different locations, characters and staging, the film steps up on its style quotient, piqueing your interest. Twists abound as well.  Sunaina plays the titular character and delivers a strong and stunning perfor