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Atharvaa thrilled to play a cop in 100

by Rinku Gupta Auraa Cinemas , Atharvaa starrer 100 ,  written and directed by Sam Anton is releasing on May 9th. The press meet of the film was held today in the preseence of the team. Sam CS has composed the music. ' 100 is very special to me for the screenplay is full of twists and very  gripping.  The  bgm is very important for tgis kind of a cop story  and  when they told me that, I felt very happy as it gave me lot of scope. The way Sam Anton has designed the film and the characters is very well defined. He gave me total freedom. I tried to make sure the music of this film is different from  other cop films that I have done. About Atharvaa I can say he has done  an amazing job as action hero. This film has a very topical theme and the music is on air and doing very well. ' Director Sam Anton was very grateful to  Atharvaa . " I have shifted  genres from comedy to action and I am very grateful to Atharvaa for accepting this film and encouraging me. Produce