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Movie Review : DeAr

 Arjun ( GV Prakash ) from Chennai, weds Deepika ( Aishwarya Rajesh ) from Coonoor, after an arranged match. He lives with his mom Laxmi ( Rohini) , brother ( Kali Venkat ) anni and nephew. After the wedding he discovers a problem. His wife snores in her sleep. The problem is increased as he's a light sleeper who needs 8 hrs of sleep being a news reader who needs to look fresh on tv. They decide to solve the issue by sleeping on alternate days. But the situation only gets worse.  Both are sleep deprived and one day Arjun loses his job when he falls asleep on the toilet seat when he is supposed  to go on a live interview with the Finance Minister. From there things begin to head south as he loses his job, becomes the object of memes and public ridicule. As a result, he decides to divorce his wife despite opposition from her and even his own family.  In the midst of this there is also the reappearance of an estranged father (Thalaivasal Vijay). What happens next? Do the couple get di

Movie Review: Maidaan

 AR Rahim ( Ajay Devgan) is the coach of the Indian Football team, which holds meetings at Calcutta , at the Football Federation HQ. There he is supported at first by Anjan Das the President, to revamp the losing Indian team. Once he puts together a team gathered painstakingly from different parts of India, and even wins international acclaim, he is cowed down by Subhankar Sengupta, the new head of the federation, who sacks him.  He is in cahoots with a powerful and vengeful sports editor ( Gajanan Rao). In his weakest phase, Rahim discovers he has a terminal illness and goes back home to Hyderabad to be with his wife Saira ( Priyamani) and family.  In the meantime, the Indian team is losing face badly all over.  Unbable to watch Rahim wither away in depression, Saira inspires him to not give up without a fight and instead of waiting for death, give the sport he loves a fighting chance and try to coach again. Does Rahim succeed? The film is made on a grand scale which is both impressiv