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Emotional success meet for Nedunalvaadai team

by Rinku Gupta After the superb public response to direcror Selvakannan's Nedunalvaadai, the team held a succes meet recently. Poet Vairamuthu who has written the much appreciated songs, was present at the event, as was heroine Anjali Nair and hero Ilango. Both the hero and the director recounted how they had met Vairamuthu earlier on in thier lives and how he was an inspiration to them to pursue their  film dreams, with his encouraging words. Heroine Anjali thanked her parents along with the team and recounted that  she never imagined that the film would achieve such kudos from the public. Ilango also thanked Mime Gopi, who had shown his photo to the casting team due to which he was finally selected for a role and a career that has changed his life forever. Director Selvakannan said he was thrilled to have Vairamuthu's lyrics in his film which for him was the biggest achievemnt in his life.     

Quick Review: Agni Devi

by Rinku Gupta Agni Devi stars Bobby Simhaa in the role of a cop called Agni. He is pitted quite by chance against  a powerful  and ruthless politician  Shakuntala Devi ( Madhubala) after a murder happens at a public place in broad daylight. Agni manages to join the dots after a series of clues and witnesses keep appearing and giving him leads to solve the case  However, his boss ( Bose Venkat) is eager to wean him off the case which somehow leads up to the corrupt , scheming and greedy politician Devi,  who will quell any insubordination with an iron hand. Agni is unstoppable and vows to expose the baddies. In this game of one upmanship, who will win and at what cost? While Bobby Simhaa fits effortlessly into his syern, thinking cop look,   Madhubala' s expressions go mostly over the top, both distractin, and bordering on unintentionally comical at certain places. Her body language doesnt manage to convey the fury of her dialogue somwhow. But she does create the element o

Quick Review : Uchhakattam

by Rinku Gupta The story revolves around a girl Rashmi ( Dhansikaa) who by accident captures a murder on her phone at a resort on New Years Eve. When her fiance Aditya ( Thakur Anoop Singh) returns to the room he finds her missing. Tense moments later he manages to reach her on the mobile and she  reveals that  shes caught in the trunk of a moving car  while escaping from the goons who spotted her filming thier crime and want the proof back. From then begins a cat and mouse game of a chase between Aditya searching for his love, who gets into the clutches of the evil kingpin Dharmendra ( Kabir Duhan Singh). Several forest chases and stunts later, the hero and villain meet only to find that Aditya has an old score to settle with him as well.Who will win ? The stunts are many and at every few minutes a powerful  muscled baddie enters the scene, with Anoop Singh fighting them all. Lots  of blood, gore, flying knives and screwdrivers inflicting  deep wounds abound. However, for love

Nayanthara has two distinct and diverse roles in Airaa-Sarjun

 Nayanthara starrer ‘Airaa’ is all set to have a worldwide theatrical release on March 28. At this juncture, the crew comprising of Music director Sundaramurthy KS, actor Kalaiarasan and director Sarjun were present for a short and crisp media interaction with press and media. Here are some of the excerpts from the event...  Music director Sundaramurthy KS has wowed  music lovers with his mellifluous and enjoyably packaged album. However, he rendered very few words of appreciation with just thanks to everyone in the team for giving him an opportunity to be a part of this film. Of course, best musicians have always been people with few words , for their songs speak aloud about their hard work.  Next it was actor Kalaiarasan, who said, “Soon after my film ‘Madras’, many have been consistently asking me why I am not doing any movies as such. Of course, I am unceasingly looking for such projects. Soon after Madras, I started working on films with my friends. Some of

Quick Review: Embiran

by Rinku Gupta  Embiran is a love story directed by Krishna Pandi and produced by Panchavarnam Films. The story centres around a young girl Jaya ( Radhika Preethi) who falls love with a doctor called Priyan ( Rejith Menon) though he has no clue about it. She lives with her granddad ( Mouli) who is s temple priest. By the time she is able to declare her love for Priyan, tragedy strikes. Her grandfather dies and she goes into a comatose state. In the meantime Priyan finds strange  dreams recurring daily and troubling him. Does he find a solution to his problem? How is it linked with Jaya? Do the youngsters unite ? Radhika Preethi looks pretty and  innocent just as she is meant to be. She fits the role well. Rejith as the doctor does justice to what is required of him. The both of them make a goid pair. The camerawork by  M Pugazhenthi gives pleasant visuals though at times the camera lingers too long on close ups. A lot of time is spent focussing on phones, computers, furnitur