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Film Review : Naane Varuven

Director Selvaraghavan's much awaited horror, psycological thriller, Dhanush starrer with Yuvan's music, Naane Varuven, had a theatrical release on Sep 29th. Prabhu and Kathir ( Dhanush in a dual role) are twin brothers. Kathir is the evil,  violent one, who is abandoned by his mother as he may cause more harm than he has already done.  Prabhu grows up to lead a  normal life with wife ( Indhuja) and a loving daughter Sathya ( Hiya Dave) with whom he shares a deep bond,  in Chennai. But one day, he encounters a serious problem which affects his beloved daughter. Due to a strange set of circumstances, Prabhu is then led to face his past, his killer twin, Kathir. Several lives are at stake.  Will Prabhu, the weaker twin,  succeed in protecting his family? The one factor that works big time for the film is Dhanush's superb acting. His body language and expressions are totally different and convincing when playing both characters. This is high