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Movie Review : Kurangu Pedal

 A group of 4 young boys in a small village (in the 80's) , spend their summer holidays indulging in innocent pleasures.  One day they decide to hire a cycle and learn to ride it. They pool in money for the hire. But Mariappan ( Santhosh Velmurugan) the youngest, son of a weaver Kandasamy (Kaali Venkat)  has no money to contribute. One day he manages to get the 50 paise an hour required for the hire but his friends go with a rich boy's new cycle leaving him to ride alone They kids thus get into a fight and Mariyappan decides to learn cycling alone. He starts stealing money from home to meet the hirin charges.  One day he hires the cycle but goes overtime with it.  This means that he has not enough money to pay the cycle shop owner. What happens next?  The film is a delightful trip down memory lane, into happier, innocent times when people treasured the small joys of life.  The locations are superbly chosen giving the viewer glimpse of the village life, like  the local cinema ha