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Film Review : Oh My Ghost

 Oh My Ghost, Sunny Leone's much anticipated entry into Kollywood, hit theatres on Dec 30th, directed by VC Vaduvudiyaan. Sathish plays a struggling director resorting to making adult themed films, with friend (Raj Thilak). Dharsha Gupta plays his love interest. This part of the story carries on with adult jokes and humorous situations which are somewhat entertaining, till a mysterious spirit enters Dharsha and forces the trio to go to Anaconda puram, and the story moves into a period setting. There, motta Rajendran, and others, reveal the story of the background of the lady ghost who instils fear. She is none other than Sunny Leone, who was a queen, betrayed by a young poet/ writer, aka Sathish in a dual role, in ancient times. Now, Sathish and his friends are sent to win over and conquer the ghost. Will they succeed? The story line is interesting, blending  the goings on in the director's life with a period setting.  Sunny does well in the scenes as th

Film Review : Sembi

  Sembi starring Kovai Sarala, Ashwin Kumar, Thambi Ramaiah, Nila and others, directed by Prabu Solomon hits theatres on Dec 30th. Sembi ( child actor Nila in a superb performance) lives with her grandmother (Kovai Sarala excels in a powerful role) in a small hill side village near Kodaikanal, living in the lap of Nature. One day tragedy strikes when the 10 year old innocent child is molested and abused by 3 boys, one of whom is the son of a powerful opposition leader. When the case reaches an investigating cop, he in turn seeks a bribe from the powerful politico's lawyer, to shut down the case and threaten and convince the old lady to wirhdraw her complaint. But when he reaches her home,  a tussle ensues, the cop is badly injured and the lady and the child escape. Now the whole cop force is on the lookout for them. Though they find relief in  a bus ride temporarily, danger lurks in every corner, but help also comes from unexpected quarters. What

Film Review : Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai

 Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai directed by RKV hits theatres on  Dec 30th. A group of 4 youths find loving girlfriends off their choice and life is set.  But one of them j has a problem. His girlfriend insists on maintaining platonic love with a no touch policy to which he agrees at first but regrets later. When she finds out his real intentions she dissolves the relationship. This breaks him up mentally till he comes up with a plan that will solve all of humanity's relationship and many other problems. He decides that the entire ills of society are due to the fact that, people wear clothes. He then sees to it that his 3 male friends strip completely and prepare to run away to a nearby forest and live there freely, in touch with Nature. What happens when this news gets viral? Does he succeed in his plans? The film despite being  interspersed with double entendres and adult jokes works well in the humor scenes. The actors have done a good job with hero Akash Vijaykumar playing h

Film Review : Driver Jamuna

The Aishwarya Rajesh starrer Driver Jamuna directed by Kinslin, hits theatres today on Dec 30th.   Aishwarya Rajesh plays a call taxi driver who takes up the job after her father's death, fighting against all odds. But one day at work, she runs into 3 members of a deadly gang who hire her taxi, en route to kill a politico. Her life is in danger with no help at hand. How does Jamuna handle the situation? Is she able to make it out alive? The movie is gripping with Aishwarya Rajesh's superb screen presence, star quality and performance keeping you hooked to the screen all through.  The actor is known to choose a variety in her roles and this  script is  yet another unusual one in her kitty to which she does full justice, carrying the film on her shoulders with ease. The supporting actors do full justice to their roles and the 3  villains in the car have given a menacing, realistic performance that adds to the tension in the film.  The scenes between Naren, his,son and