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Harish Kalyan Turns Lockdown Chef !

By Rinku Gupta His latest release Dharala Prabhu is grabbing eye balls on the OTT platform. Hero Harish Kalyan meanwhile, seems to be busy using the corona  lockdown period  to focus on some added skills. The youngster who recently shared a makeover with an almost clean shaven look on insta, is now busy spending time in the kitchen.   Harish Kalyan's new look  And he seems to be churning up quite a decent meal. This Lockdown Chef as he calls himself tongue-in- cheek,  managed to whip up a meal of Peri Peri, Pepper Garlic Rasam and a dish of  mixed carrot and cabbage vegetables to go with it. Even his captions like  'straight outta hea(o)ven ) ' reveal a creative streak and will elicit a smile. Lockdown Chef Harish Kalyan in his Kitchen Nice to see another facet of a young actor,  in the kitchen this time, focussing on acquiring culinary skills in real life ! Any guesses on whats next on the menu ? Perhaps his social media timeline wi