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Harish Kalyan turns Angry Young Man in IRIR

by Rinku Gupta Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum ( IRIR )  is a love story which will hold you emotionally is the gist of what the speakers said at the press meet today.  Said music director Sam CS ,' All ages will connect to this story. This is my first full love story. I am very satisfied after doing this film. Theres lots of scope for Harish Kalyan's acting in several facets. The story revolves around Shilpa and Harish. Bala Saravanan and Makapa Anand have done a good job at comedy.' Director Ranjit Jeyakodi gave a lot of freedom to us revealed Bala Saravanan who described  himself as the joker in the film. Shilpa Manjunat of Kaali fame thanked Harish Kalyan for making her comfy in the intimate scenes. 'I have gained a good friend now' she said. She also gave credit toBala Saravanan for helping her and teaching her Tamil during  the shoot. The heroine has also dubbed for her role. The director said , ' After the release of Melissai I got this opportunit

Quick Review: Boomerang

by Rinku Gupta Produced and directed by R Kannan, Boomerang is an entertainer espousing a cause.  Story in brief: Shiva ( Atharvaa) injured in a fire, undergoes a face transplant. But his life changes rapidly after that, as he discovers that people are out to kill him. He reckons it must be a case of mistaken  identity,  confusing him because of the face of   Shakti ( previous  Atharvaa whose face was transplanted on him). As the attempts increase, Shiva is now determined to find the truth and let the perpetrators know that he is not who they mistake him for. This task  leads him to Trichy. There he unravels the past of Shakti, an IT guy turned farmer, who had tried to link rivers and help the village farmers. But vested interests ( Upen Patel) had him killed. Does Shiva avenge the murder? The film has no lags and the screenplay  moves swiftly.  The entire cast ( see list below) has done a good job including Atharvaa in a role cut out for him. He portrays well  the dual role