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Quick Review : Sanga Tamizhan

By Rinku Gupta Director Vijay Chander's Sanga Tamizhan is Vijay Sethupathi's attempt at a mass template, aided by Raashi Khanna and Nivetha Pethuraj , while Soori serves as the comic element. Sethupathi plays Murugan who is trying to be a film actor. He runs into the daughter ( Raashi Khanna) of a rich man ( Ravi Kishan) who is trying to set up a copper plant in a rural area, that will impact the health of the villagers.  In a convoluted tale, the story moves to the village where Tamizh ( Sethupathi again) was murdered with his family, as part of a political plot and rivalry. Nivetha Pethuraj plays his love interest. Are Tamizh and Murugan the same person? If so is the death of his family avenged? The film seems to stretch forever, with so many stunt sequences that you soon lose count and cease to care after a while. The Soori -Sethupathi combo works well but the film is riddled by too many cliches. There are also so many characters and  artists in every frame, that it

Quick Review : Action

By Rinku Gupta Action, directed by Sundar C is the next film of Vishal. He plays an Army officer on a mission to avenge the death of his brother ( Ramki) and his family members , along with his lady love ( Aishwarya Lekshmi) who are killed as part of a sinister political plot. Aided in his mission by Tamannaah who plays an army colleague, and Sha Ra, his relative, he travels across the world from Turkey to London and Pakistan, to nail the big terrorist ( Kabir Duhan Singh ) who is the mastermind. The action blocks by the talented twin stunt masters Anbariv are hi- octane indeed. The scale is lavish and from car and bike chases on roads (and rooftops) to fisticuffs and gun fights to scaling up and down buildings, Vishal and the team of villains ( Akanksha Puri as one of them) have done a good job. The locations are well chosen with an international feel , adding to the scale of the film. But the hunky Kabir Duhan Singh is under-utilised and wasted in his role and his under- wr

Quick Review : Charlie's Angels

By Rinku Gupta Charlie's Angels, directed by Elizabeth Banks ( who also stars in the film as Bosley), is about a computer engineer, Elena ( Naomi Scott) who lands in trouble when she tries to blow the whistle on the potential dangers of a flaw on a technology she designed. The Angels need to protect her from hit men and a bunch of goons who want to sell the tech to the highest bidder for sinister purposes. Do they succeed? The writer and director Banks, has tweaked the popular franchise for a younger audience. There are enough of signals towards women empowerment,with  girl power kicking the baddies to pulp ( Kristen Stewart , Ella Balinska both standing out,   in wonderful form in major stunt scenes). Patrick Stewart as the retired employee has some aces up his sleeve, all making for a good watch. But on the downside, there are one too many one -liners meant to be witty, which somehow take away from the urgency of the action. The shoes, clothes and makeup seem

Mahesh Babu's daughter Sitara dubs for Frozen 2 !

By Rinku Gupta The  star quotient around Frozen 2 produced by Disney Studio, is increasing.  With stars Shruti Haasan and Dhivya Dharshin i, dubbing in Tamil for Elsa and Anna respectively, in Telugu its Mahesh Babu's daughter who will dub for  the younger version of Elsa. The young Ghattamaneni Sitara will lend her voice as the younger Elsa in the Telugu version. Her mother, Namrata Shirodkar revealed that Sitara is a great fan of Frozen and has idolised Elsa since a young age. So she is delighted to accept this offer from Disney. The film releases on Nov 22nd.