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Quick Review : Naan Avalai Santhithu Podhu

By Rinku Gupta NASP, directed by LG Ravichandar and produced by VT Rithish Kumar, is based on true events, and going by the credit pics, on the director's life. Santhosh Pratap plays an aspiring director , struggling to make ends meet as an assistant director.  One day he meets a village girl ( Chanthini) who has run off from her village but is lost in the city as she misplaced the address paper slip of her relative. She asks our hero for help and one thing leads to another,  till he ends up dropping her off in her village! The villagers mistake their relationship and end up forcing them to marry! What happens to the duo this placed in this extraordinary situation? How do two utter strangers cope with this twist of fate? The lead pair play their parts in accordance with what's demanded of them.  (But Santhosh doesn't look the part of the struggling director somehow, looking too well turned out always, as compared to his friends). Chaams and the friends try