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Quick Review : Super Deluxe

by Rinku Gupta Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja has come out with his  next most awaited film Super Deluxe after a long gap post the iconic Aranya Kaandam. The story without spoilers is  about several characters , their stories emerging  parallely before merging in most unexpected but rewarding ways.  There are 4 boys who want to watch porn but land up in hot soup in ways that they never imagined. On the other hand we have Mugil ( Faahad Fasil) who discovers a corpse in his home and has to grapple with his wife Vaembu's ( Samantha) infidelity as well. There is  Shilpa ( Vijay Sethupathi playing a transgender) who comes home after years to a shocked wife ( Gayatri) son and family who were in the dark about his gender change. Then there is Leela ( Ramya Krishnan ) who works as a porn actor and her fanatic husband Arbutham ( Mysskin) who believes that Jesus saves anyone in need including his son who needs an operation to survive a fatal accident. Bugs or Bagavathy Perumal as the