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Ganesh Venkatram On How Bigg Boss Has Been Life-Changing

Actor Ganesh Venkatram admits that life has completely changed post his participation in Vijay TV’s  reality show, Bigg Boss, in Tamil, this year. “Where ever I go, I get mobbed! The love the people are showing for me has left me speechless and humbled. I never expected this kind of a reaction. Even after Thani Oruvan I have been mobbed. But the scale of the adulation after Bigg Boss is overwhelming !” says the tall and handsome actor. Citing an example of how life has changed, he says, “Just 2 days  after I got home from the show,  Nisha and I went to the Forum Mall in Chennai for some shopping. Within minutes I was mobbed!  I was surrounded by people pulling my cheeks, kissing me, complimenting me and showering me with their love.  This went on for around an hour. The crowd got so big that ultimately the security had to be called to help us  move out.” Photo courtesy : Ganesh Venkatram Calls complimenting him about his successful stint on the reality show have been pouring