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Movie Review : Por

 The story set in a scenic, sprawling  university campus, where Prabhu ( Arjun Das ) is a senior medical student. He is happy in this world surrounded by close friends like Gayatri ( TJ Bhanu) an activist and Rishika ( Sanchana Natarajan ) and several others.  Into his world comes fresher student Yuvraj  (Kalidas Jairam) who has a painful history with him, of when the duo were in boarding school, and who now is thirsting for revenge. Surya is a politico's daughter who is owner of the university. She wants to win the university elections at any cost, even if it means removing her ex- lover Vennila from the way to the goal post. What happens when Yuvraj finally gets an opportunity to wreak havoc in Prabhu's life? Does he get his revenge? How are all these friends' and students' lives impacted? Bejoy Nambiar has based his story on a real incident. The film has a  basic storyline but the manner in which the sceenplay moves and the narration of events ( set as chapters), ma

Movie Review: Satham Indri Mutham Tha

 Plot: A young woman ( Priyanka Thimmesh)lands in hospital as she runs away from an attacker in her home, and gets hits by a car.  Cut to a hospital where a man called Raghu (Srikant) takes her to his house,  after her operation and diagnosis of amnesia. A dutiful cop ( Harish Peradi) who investigates the accident, is on the trail of Raghu to find out details of the accident. Her life becomes complicated when she makes certain discoveries related to her past life,  which she has forgotten. Who is Raghu? Is he really her husband? What is the secret of her life that puts her in danger? Review: The film has an interesting plot with enough fodder for suspense and action. To this end,  the director makes sure we get ample doses of both and kudos to him for that. However, the making seems dated, with scenes and filming giving a feel  of an 80's film.   The dialogues turn inadvertantly comical after a while when Peradi keeps talking in English, along with another character doing the same.

Actor Arya inaugurates Bratzlife Fitness Studio in OMR!

The present-day younger generation is prioritising their well-being by dedicating time for maintaining their health. Particularly, those working in the IT sector are showing a greater inclination towards visiting a gym to ensure their overall health and well-being. Notably, a comprehensive fitness center named Bratzlife Fitness Studio, which adheres to international standards, has been established and is operational on OMR Road, which is a prominent IT sector hub in Chennai.  The inaugural ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished individuals such as Mr. K. Joshthangiah, Superintendent of Police (Economic Offences Wing Chennai), Mr. R. Mr. Riazuddin, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tambaram City Police, Mr. Bharath, Assistant Commissioner of Police Neelangarai Range. Mr. S. Meenatchi Sundaram, Inspector of Police, Serious Crime Squad, Chennai South.  Mr. Ranjith Sub. Inspector Thuraipakan. Actor Arya also attended as the chief guest, along with various celebrities from th

Movie Review : Joshua Imai Pol Kaakha

 With JOSHUA IMAI POL KAAKHA (starring Varun and debutante Raahei),  director  Gautham Vasudev Menon  is in full on  action mode, while  retaining  the  quintessential romantic vibe that he is known for. Plot: Joshua ( Varun ) is a suave and deadly contract killer, managed by his boss lady (DD) who hands out assignments to him.  In one such contract, he meets and falls in love with a US based lawyer Kundavi Chidambaram ( Raahei) who is in Chennai on work. Their love is put to the test, when Joshua reveals his line of work to her. Disappointed, she breaks up and leaves for the US. But despite the heartbreak, upholding his promise that he will give up contract killing, Joshua turns into a highy specialised security officer for important clients. Kundavi meanwhile has to flee USA and take refuge in Chennai when a Mexican  druglord hires killers to eliminate her due to her handling the case against him in the district attorney's office. In Chennai, it is the elite bodyguard team of  Jo