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Film Review : Udanpirappe

 Udanpirappe directed by Era Saravanan and produced by 2D Entertainnent  (also its heroine Jyotika's 50th film) has dropped on Amazon Prime today. The rural drama is a sibling story about Mathangi ( Jyoktika) and her brother Vairavan ( Sasikumar). The brother-sister duo's  love for each other is  legendary in the village.  But when Mathangi's husband Sargunam ( Samuthirakani) falls out with her brother, blaming him for a tragedy that befalls their family,  the siblings can no longer talk  to each other even after a 15 year gap.  But a series of events unfold, bringing matters to a head. Will the siblings unite again?  Jyotika gets an impressive introduction scene in this heroine- centric film, which brings to the fore her histronic  talents yet again, this time playing a more subdued, dignified  character who talks more with her eyes and expressions. She gets some very impactful dialogues in the beginning scenes  with other characters taking over later.  Sasikumar makes for