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Vivekh turns cop in Vellai Pookkal

by Rinku Gupta Vella Pookal is the next film of Vivekh playing the key role of a retired cop ( DIG  Intelligence) who lands up with a case when he goes to visit his son in the US. The film stars Charlie, Dev,  Pooja Devaraiya and Paige amongst others. The film is directed by NRI Vivek Elangovan and produced by Indus Entertainers and Tentkotta from the US. The film is shot majorly in USA, in Seattle. The NR I software engineers, producers Digha S and Ajay S   who  are from Seattle, wtanted to show Seattle in a different way.  They have also shot in a nuclear reactor that was shown in the Transformers movie.  Seattle they felt, has become a character in the film. 'A bunch of us used to set up grand sets for our plays and even travel across the US with our theatre group out of passion. This way we have donated to charity around 2 crores in 13 years from the collections. Then we shifted to short films and gained confidence and developed more team spirit and precision. Thats

Harish Kalyan’s next is Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae

Star signs remain as an inseparable factor in every individual’s life. Be it a belief or merely a fun, everyone wants to know how special the days, weeks or the years are going to be for them through astrology. In specification, amongst all the star signs that we come across in Tamil, ‘Dhanusu Rasi’ has something unique and instantly attracts everyone. Based on such familiarity, here comes a film titled ‘Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae’ that features Harish Kalyan in lead role, directed by Sanjay Bharathi. Elaborating about the significance of title and the film’s premise, director Sanjay Bharathi says, “It’s true that everyone among us would have a desire to foresee how their days are going to be based on their star signs. They either flip through the newspapers or switch on TVs by morning out of curiosity. Be it a believer or atheist, they strongly have a belief or just try it out for fun.  The reason behind titling the film as ‘Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae’ is because it pulls in more atte