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Kaatrin Mozhi contest for aspiring lyricists

press note: YouTube link the tune for the song Kaatrin Mozhi team invites aspiring lyricists to embark on their journey in film industry ​​ YouTube link the tune for the song Here comes a big opportunity for the aspiring lyricists to make a big embarkation into the film industry. Jyotika starrer Kaatrin Mozhi team offers a great opportunity for the talented lyricists to give their best spell. The interested ones have to write lyrics for a particular song involving a theme given by the makers. The situation goes this way where an affectionate home maker, who had dedicated her life to the well being of her family sets out to find her dreams and accomplish it. The song should reflect the good wishes of her husband and at the same time, the desolated feel within himself. The tunes will be given and the lyrics should be written accordingly. The best couple of lyrics would be chosen and the lyricists will be honoured d