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Sarpatta Parambarai is a reward for perseverance - Santhosh Prathap

 By Rinku Gupta He plays the character of Raman in the recent hit Sarpatta Parambarai, directed by Pa Ranjith. Locking horns with Arya in a boxing match, and as his arch rival all through the film, actor Santhosh Prathap's performance as a 70's boxer has won him accolades.  The actor takes us behind the scenes into the experience of  getting into the skin of  Raman and what it was like working with the team of Sarpatta Parambarai.  Tell us some details of what you had to do to transform into a 70's period boxer like Raman? How did you research and train? Were you inspired by anyone? Raman is a perfectionist and he is a prominent boxer in his clan (Sarpatta Parambarai) He is best known for his techniques hence he is  called the “Technical Boxer Raman”  like the legendary boxer George foreman.  I’m an Mixed Martial Arts athlete so I knew the basics of boxing but to transform into Raman( a technical boxer), I went through a rigorous training for 3 months. All thanks to the co