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How Sigai has made a pioneering move in the Tamil Industry - ZEE5's perspective

By Rinku Gupta Sigai , directed by Jagadeesan Subu is releasing on January 9th, after a long gap. The film is making history of sorts, by having the distinction of being the first Tamil feature film to release directly on a digital platform without going via the theatrical release route. The film is releasing on ZEE5, a digital platform accessible by its App. Zee5 will also be releasing 2 more Tamil films in the same manner. In the light of the struggle for release and the tussle over deciding the right date for theatrical releases in a crowded market, does this development offer a new platform for producers?   Mr Surya, South Content Head Zee5 India,  gives his perspective on this move, revealing plans they have for releasing Tamil films and web-series on thier platform.   Zee5 is releasing Regional feature films on the App directly, without a theatrical release. Does this make you the first Indian platform to do so? How viable is this for you? Yes, we are p

What are Editor Antony Ruben's favourite scenes in Viswasam?

by Rinku Gupta Editors are  the first audience or critic of movies since they happen to be the first to get a clear picture of how a  film is shaping up,  as they watch raw footage. Juggling several projects, Viswasam  Editor Antony  Ruben feels theres something special about Ajith Kumar’s film which is releasing on January 10th.  “More than claiming this to be a mass movie, Viswasam is a beautiful family entertainer for the festive season. It has all elements to serve as a sumptuous feast which everyone will enjoy. It’s not just going to be mass and action elements, but I  believe, overall Viswasam will be a delightful experience for entire family audiences.”  says Ruben. But working on the film was a challenging experience for him. He explains,  “The story goes through lots of raciness and  action and added to that, several emotional phase. All these accordingly demanded certain transitions at the correct points which is something I had to work on. " Cut