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Quick Review : Aghavan

by Rinku Gupta Produced by RBK Entertainment, Aghavan is directed by APG Elumalai with camerawork by Bala Palaniappan and music by C Sathya. The film is set in a village giant temple which is at the periphery of a village. The caretaker Marugavel ( newbie Kishore Ravichandran) and his co worker Ezhuthu ( Thambi Ramaiah) fund strange sounds and movements at night, around them. When Murugavel begins to investigate, he finds a link to his past, namely the mysterious death of his brother and disappearance of a friend's wife. When he begins to find clues and follows up on things, a whole plot of stealing temple wealth is revealed. The developmentsAghavama  takes him  back to mythology and history in an intriguing manner. Who are these powerful people  and does Murugavel find a way to stop them is the story. The first thing that strikes you about thr film is the fantastic camerawork with its rich visuals of amcient temples and aerial shots of various locations.  A sheer delight