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Sivakarthikeyan says " We Love Doctors" !

By Rinku Gupta Hero Sivakarthikeyan has made an appeal to people to stay home and stay safe during the corona pandemic lockdown, via a video. The main reason for his video is to show support to the medical fraternity, especially in the light of recent  violence against the burial of a leading doctor in Chennai.  Sivakarthikeyan stresses the importance of  respecting and recognising the service of the medical fraternity who are risking their lives to save others from the corona pandemic. " #WeLoveDoctors " is the hastag he has used in order to show his strong support and recognise their incredible work during  the lockdown. ( click here to view his full video). Incidentally, the actor's next film is titled Doctor. The video is indeed a touching gesture in support of the medical task force doing yeoman service.