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Movie Review: Jigiri Dosthu

  JIGIRI DOSTHU Actors: Shariq @ Rishi Aran V @ Vicky Ashiq @ Loki Ammu Abhirami @ Divya Pavithra Lakshmi @ Sanjana Sivam @ Arjunan Kpy Sarath @ Maari Director: Aran V Production by: Lords P International & VVK Entertainment Producer: Pradeep Jose.K & Aran.V Co producers: S.P.Arjunar & Hakka.J Cinematographer: RV.Saran Music director: Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy Editor: Arul Mozhi Varman Stunt : Mahesh Mathew Art Director: Kishore Lyricist: Suthan Bala Pro: P.Sri Venkatesh The movie is all about power of friendship and to what extent the power of friendship can manifest. Three friends with different aims in life plan to go for an outing, where they witness a girl being kidnapped by a gangster. Watching the kidnap, the friends try to save the girl using  a technology based on phone tapping . Do the friends manage to save the girl? Who are the people behind the kidnap? The film moves at a steady pace but could have done with little more crisp editing