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Adangu Maru success meet -It was Magic over logic says director Karthik

By Rinku Gupta Team Adangu Maru was jubliant at the success meet of the film held on 2nd January. Dialogue writer Viji said, “Recently, when I was talking with Director Mohan Raja sir, he said that he had never seen his brother Ravi so  happy before. " Actor Mathew Varghese said, “Usually, I am seen in cop roles and working in Adanga Maru was indeed a new experience of playing negative role for the first time." Actor Mime Gopi said, “Love what you do and it will take care of you soulfully. This has been proved evidently with director Karthik Thangavel, who is filled with positive energy. Jayam Ravi has been such a wonderful person to work with. " Actor Azhagam Perumal said, “As an audience, I feel that Adanga Maru has  spoken about the contemporary crisis that is prevailing today, especially the sexual crimes. " Music director Sam CS said, “This is the first ever time I had been to theatre visits and it was a huge response. Of course, we were