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Karthi launches Zee Awards Tamil 2020 with Jury team

By Rinku Gupta The Tv channel Zee Tamil has been celebrating industry talent and is a host to the  successful  Zee Tamil Kudumba viruthugal. Now, the channel will honour the talent of   Tamil cinema industry with the Zee Cine Awards Tamil 2020 . Zee Awards are already a big event in Bollywood and now the channel is bringing the event to KTown. The channel announced the first ever edition of the awards at a grand  press conference held The Leela Palace, in Chennai today.  The trophy was unveiled in the presence of the Guest of Honour, actor Karthi and Jury members Suhasini Mani Ratnam,  Gautam Vasudev Menon, Karu Palaniappan, Bharath Bala and critic Baradwaj Rangan. Speaking at the launch, Siju Prabhakaran, South Cluster Head - Zee Entertainment Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. said, "Over the last decade, Zee Tamil has not only excelled in pursuing fresh and quality entertainment for Tamil audiences around the world but also created platform to commemorate talent. It gives me great

Quick Review : KD

By Rinku Gupta Directed by Madhumita, KD aka Karuppu Durai is a delighfully narrated story about an old man at  the fag end of his life and a boy at the beginning of his. How this contact blossoms into something beautiful is what the film is about. KD is a man in his 80s who suddenly wakes up from a coma, in his village,  only to discover that his family is planning to kill him in an act of Thalaikootthal ( mercy killing) as  his vegetative state is a burden on their finances and physically taxing as well. They plan on doing the traditional mercy killing which results in organ failure and death. Karuppu Durai manages to escape and in his onward journey meets a young orphan boy Kutty ( a brilliant National Award worthy perfomance by Nagavishal) and the two soon become inseparable. Kutty helps his new friend make a quaint bucket list,  and makes sure KD fulfills each of his wishes,  before an unexpected obstacle hits their joyous journey. Are the duo separated? Does the family of