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Quick Review: Watchman

by Rinku Gupta Watchman is the next GV Prakash starrer, produced by Double Meaning Productions and directed by Vijay. GV Prakash plays a youngster living with family in a lower middle class tenement. He is about to get engaged afteruch struggle, to his girlfriend but things get out of hand when creditors land up at his door. He is given 24 hrs to pay back Rs 3 lakhs.  He tries every friend for help but without success.  That night he chances upon a closed house and decides in desperation to rob it. He is totally unprepared for what follows next. A loyal watchdog dog ( Bruno) chases him but he manages to land up inside the house. But what he finds inside is even more terrifying. Does he get past the surprise danger? Does he get the money he is looking for?  GV Prakash manages to capture every nuance of his desperation, fear, confusion and bravery in the face  of danger, with effortless ease.  This is a far cry from hrs previous roles and he does full justice to it. Suman playing