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Film Review: Bommai

 Bommai, starring SJ Suryah, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Chandini, directed by Radha Mohan, hit screens on June 16th. Sj Suryah plays an artist who works in a mannequin factory where he paints the faces of the dolls.  One day he comes across a mannequin with a mark on her face, which takes him back in Time, reminding him of the same mark of the face of his childhood best friend Nandini whom he lost in a fair.  Haunted by her absence in his life he is on meds under psychiatric care. Now he is obsessed with the damaged mannequin who seems to come alive as an grown up Nandini for him.  He becomes obsessed with the mannequin who talks to him in his imagination. He even turns violent killing a man What happens next? Where does this obsession take him? Though the film has a sort of unique premise with interesting storyline that could have been pursued in many ways,  the film goes down a different path, taking a rather easy way out in the climax.  The genre wavers between a love story, a tale o

Film Review: Charles Enterprises

Gomathi ( Urvashi) lives with her son Ravi ( Balu Verghese). She is a devout worshipper of the family deity lord Ganesha. But her son discovers that the idol is worth crores and tempted by the money ( he can cure his night blindness he feels) he decides to steal it with the help of a pickpocket ,Charles ( Kalayarasan). What happens next when Ravi discovers that is not easy to steal and sell the idol ? The movie has an interesting enough premise but the way the screenplay moves, makes it tough to watch and keep yourself invested in the proceedings after a while. The Tamil dubbing doesnt help either. The meandering screenplay and the many characters that distract, dont give enough time to absorb the actual central point of the story. The ending seems forced, to justify the title it would seem. While Urvashi's presence keeps you hooked the same can't be said of others. Guru Somasundaram has nothing much to do and its not clear what he was doing in his ex wife's house on the da