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Quick Review : Sei

Sei is the next release for Nakul after a gap. The story directed by Raj Babu revolves around an aspiring actor who is forced to take over his father's ambulance  driver  job for a day , when the latter is hospitalised. This act lands the hero in the midst of a plot where the strings  are pulled by several corrupt people in power. A corpse, mysterious deaths in a Home for the mentally challenged, greedy, fighting politicians, a dutiful journalist are all part of the web he inadvertantly gets caught up in. Does he survive the sudden turn of events where his  life is in danger is the story. Nakul is a bundle of energy especially in the scenes as an aspiring actor. He pulls off the innocent , earnest youngster who finally develops a sense of duty to his family,  with aplomb. Aanchal Munjal (from Bollywood, debuting in Tamil) as an aspiring film maker gets her lip synch right and looks pretty in the song and plays her peppy role well getting her expressions just right. There