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Movie Review: Boomer Uncle

  A 90's kid, Nesan ( Yogi Babu) marries Amy a British lady but wants a divorce now. But she puts one condition. He has to stay for one day in his ancestral royal palace in the hills.  But there are 4 friends ( KPY Bala, Seshu, Robo Shankar, Thangadurai ) in that village who are raging to take revenge and killa Nesam because he is the reason they are still ummarried. But they all fall for a pretty friend Harini who accompanies Nesan and his wife to the palace. They take turns to win her over somehow. But when she calls him ' uncle' he is shattered and vows revenge. In the meanwhile Amy is busy with a sinister plan, exploring the forbidden upper portions of the palace which have a secret. Amidst all  this, actor Oviya lands up in the palace asking for shelter for one night. Nesan falls for her.  But the boomer uncle finds out that she is in fact a ghost but Nesan doesnt believe her. In the meanwhile strange things are happening. Amy has a secret Hologram fotmula ( which was

Movie Review : Ka

 The film begins with a gruesome incident in 1980 followed  by moving to 2020 when Victor Mahadevan ( Salim Ghouse) shoots a young girl to death . Cut to a young wildlife photographer Venba Subbiah ( Andrea Jeremiah) who come into a forest area in the hills on work.  A new forest guard, Madhi, arrives to join work at the Kadapura forest office and has to look after the place when his senior goes off on some work.   When Madhi goes into the forest alone, with no experience in the job and in unfamiliar terrain, he encounters various unexpected dangers and runs into unimagined trouble.  Venba in the meanwhile, slowly discovers that she is not alone in the forest, but in the presence of dangerous criminals armed with guns. Who are these people? Do Madhi and Venba escape their clutches to safety? K Arivazhagan's camerawork is superb capturing the beauty of the hills and forests.  and scenic beauty of Nature beautifully.  The dangers that lurk too, are well captured in the scenes of cat


  Warner Bros. Pictures presents, GODZILLA X KONG :THE NEW EMPIRE is a sequel to Godzilla vs Kong (2021) and is the 38th film in the Godzilla franchise. It is also  the 13th film in the King Kong franchise.  Shot mostly in Queensland, the film premiered at Los Angeles on March 25th 2024. Summary : Godzilla and Kong team up against a mysterious Hollow Earth threat, and also focus on the previously untold origins of the Titans and Skull Island.  The epic battle continues with an all-new adventure that pits the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence. Review : Right from the word go, the story pulls you in. From the minute Kong appears on screen, in pain from a damaged tooth, lonely in his forlorn world, the giant figure on screen establishes am instant connect once again with the audiences.  From then on, it's a roller coaster ride as one thing leads to another,  and a fantastic story unf