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Nishabdam shot in 56 Days in USA

By Rinku Gupta With just few  days to go for the global premiere of highly-anticipated Telugu and Tamil thriller Nishabdham, director Hemant Madhukar revealed that it took only 56 days to shoot the entire film.  Moreover, the entire film was shot against the backdrop of Seattle, Washington with real locations - no sets being created for shoots.  He shares, “The entire film was shot in real locations of the outskirts of Seattle, USA. It was all real locations and places. We didn’t have any sets. Even some of  the cops shown in the film are the real cops who were taken on-board to shoot the film.  We completed shooting the entire film in 56 days in two languages – shooting simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu.”  Nishabdham is a story of Sakshi, a talented artist who is deaf and mute, gets entangled in a criminal investigation when she unexpectedly witnesses a tragic incident that occurs in a villa with a reputation for being haunted. With a team of police detectives determined to get to th