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Gorilla team adopts 2 chimps at grand audio launch

By Rinku Gupta The audio launch of All In Pictures Gorilla was a grand event at a star hotel this evening. The film is produced by Vijay Raghavendra. Attended by several directors and dignitaries of the industry, the venue was decorated with a gorilla cave and a giant gorilla  cut out.  The Jiiva starter has Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey as the heroine and is  directed by Don Sandy with music by Sam CS. The film has a live chimpamzee starring in it, whom the team shot with in Thailand. There was a live performance of a song at the event apart from the trailer screening. 'Jiiva is an excellent actor. He won an award right in his first film,' said veteran actor Radha Ravi who is his co -star in the film along with Yogi Babu and Sathish. 'The producers are a bunch of passionate youngsters, ' said director Vijay. ' Jiiva is a gifted actor and one of the most comfortable to work with directors have told me. ' Jiiva's father, Producer RB Chowdary co

Quick Review : Oviyavai Vitta Yaaru- Seeni

By Rinku Gupta The film revolves around a youth Seeni ( Sanjay) who aims to become a big businessman one day. But his parents don't believe he can make it in life. But his girlfriend, (Oviya) believes in him as does his best pal. As luck would have it, Seeni meets an unscrupulous trader ( Radha Ravi) who cons people selling rare snakes, gems etc. Together the duo manage to make crores of rupees by conning greedy officials and others who want to get rich quick. What happens to Seeni with all the money he makes?Does he get caught by the long arm of the law or does he fulfil his dream? The film is an all out comedy and the actors deserve full credit. Sanjay and Oviya make a good pair while Radha Ravi is excellent as the con man with his own set of scruples. His act holds the film together. Ravi Mariya, Chini Jayanth and others all up the comedy quotient. However, the sequence with power star is not that hilarious. Sanjay as the hero pulls off his part with effortless ease wi

Quick Review: Perazhagi ISO

by Rinku Gupta Perazhagi ISO is directed by C Vijayan and stars Sachu and Shilpa Manjinath in the lead along with Delhi Ganesh, Livingston and others. Sachu plays a grand mother who loves to dress up and stay fit and look young. But her son and daughter -in -law dont approve of this habit of hers. One day, hurt by thier jibes,  she leaves her home and runs  into a group of scientists who do a research test on her which makes her decades younger.  As a result she turns into a look alike of her grand daughter ( Shilpa Manjunath). From here on the young grand mom now lives it up, entering fashion shows and modelling. This results in a lot of confusion all around as she is mistaken fpr her look alike. In the meanwhile the unscrupulous businessman behind this youth formula attempts in  nefarious activities to exploit the formula fully. What happens when the formula wears off? Do the villains succeed? The film tries to deal with several issues like the greed for youthful