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Quick Review : Kaithi

By Rinku Gupta Dream Warrior Pictures and Vivekananda Pictures' Kaithi (Khaidi in Telugu) is the second film of Maanagaram director Lokesh Kangaraj , with Karthi in the lead this time. The film, ( inspired by the Die Hard series), centres around events that happen in one night. Without spoilers, suffice it to say that there is a menacing drug mafia which is on the hot trail of a 900 crore worth  drug consignment seized by the police, which is lodged secretly at thier headquarters. The mafia head Anbudoss ( Arjun Das, a talented find ) gets to know about this and launches an attack to get back the loot and also wreak vengeance on the 5 officers responsible. Caught up in the midst of the mayhem that follows, is Dilli ( Karthi), a criminal just out of jail on probation after 10 years, en route to see his daughter for the first time. Bejoy (Narain) is the special task force cop who is desperate to protect the drugs from the mafia and uses the reluctant Dilli for the purpose