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Quick Review : Sivappu Manjal Pachai

By Rinku Gupta Sivappu Manjal Pachai is the next film of the super hit Pichaikaaran director Sasi. Produced by Abhishek Films, the movie stars Siddharth as a traffic cop and GV Prakash as a road bike racer, with Lijimol Jose as his sister and Kashmira as his love interest. The cat and mouse game begins when traffic cop Kavin ( Siddharth) apprehends after a hot chase, illegal young bike racer Madan ( GV Prakash) and insults him in a unique manner which makes him a sworn enemy of Madan. As luck would have it, its Madan's sister ( Lijimol) who gets betrothed to Kavin. Madan who has a very strong bond with his elder sister right from childhood, is incensed at her choice and desperately tries to stop the wedding. He even tries to find her another match via a matrimony site executive ( Kashmira ). Does he succeed? How does Kavin react in this game of one -up-man-ship? How does all this affect the siblings' relationship with one another? GV Prakash shows us  once again, h