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Film Review : Peiye Kaanom

 Paiya Kaanom directed by its hero Selva Anbarasan hit theatres on 23rd Dec. A film director takes his unit to a remote location to shoot a movie.  There the unit is troubled by a ghost ( Meera Mithun) who was actually a heroine who was harassed and molested by a film producer when she was alive.  Now,  she is set to exterminate the producer of this unit as he too has designs on the heroine. All this puts a spoke in the wheel of the director's efforts and dreams. Who wins? Does she make her point clear to the producer and unit?  The film tries to convey a social  message about safety of female cast and crew members and why harassment at the workplace is unwelcome. But the manner of making could have perhaps been handled better to make it more interesting.  " பேய காணோம் "  நடிகர், நடிகைகள்:  செல்வ அன்பரசன் ( த.க.தெ.ம.கி ),  தருண்கோபி  ( த.க.தெ.ம.கி  அப்பா ) ஜாக்குவார் தங்கம் ( ஸ்டண்ட் மாஸ்டர் )  மீரா மிதுன்,   கௌசிக் ( நித்தின்), சந்தியா ராமச்சந்திரன் ( திவ்யா

Cheran, 'Migamiga Avasaram' Sri Priyanka play lead roles in 'Tamilkudimagan'

Tamilkudimagan' is a film produced by Lakshmi Creations. Directed by Esakki Karvannan, who made movies like 'Pettikadai' and 'Pagiri', this film has director Cheran in the lead role. Sri Priyanka of 'Migamiga Avasaram' fame is playing the female lead. Actors Lal, S A Chandrasekhar, Vela Ramamurthy, Deepiksha, Aruldoss, Ravi Maria and others have played key roles. Sam CS of 'Vikram Veda' fame has composed the music for this film. Rajesh Yadav is in charge of the cinematography and Karthik does the editing. The teaser of Tamilkudimagan which was released recently has become a huge hit with more than 2.7 million views. Talking about this film, Director Esakki Karvannan says, "This is the story of a person who fights as an individual to break the caste structure in this society. Today we have abolished caste-based job system. But why are we not able to eliminate the castes centered on it? Castes were formed on the basis of the profession that people