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Quick Review : Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven

by Rinku Gupta The story of STR's much awaited VRV revolves around a young Billionaire NRI ( STR) whose grandfather ( Nasser) wants him to reunite the family and bring back his daughter ( Ramya Krishnan) whom he had driven away after she eloped with a poor lawyer ( Prabhu). The near impossible- to- achieve task brings our hero to India where he hatches a plan to enter his aunts house as a driver and win her over somehow and take her to meet his ailing grandfather.Does he succeed forms the rest of the story. Th film directed by Sundar C has  his stamp all over it. Large families, several comedians  ( Robo Shankar, VTV Ganesh and Yogi Babu) 2 glam heroines  ( Megha Akash , Catherine Tresa) several villains  ( Motta Rajendran, Radha Ravi) and thier henchmen who get bashed up in style by the hero, glam dance and romance scenes , grand sets and plenty of family sentiment fill the screen. VTV  Ganesh and Robo Shankar are at thier best and thier chemistry with STR makes for s

Quick Review : Peranbu

by Rinku Gupta International award winning  Peranbu is a moving and hard hitting tale with some stellar performances and is bound to leave you both teary-eyed and thoughtful when you leave the cinema hall. The story revolves around a father ( Mammootty in a brilliant performance) whose wife deserts him, unable to bear the burden of looking after a girl child with cerebral palsy and an absentee husband busy who is  with work in the Gulf. Chased away by cruel kin who cannot help him, he finds succour in a far away cabin in the midst of wilderness abd Nature, to look after a child who is not used to him and shuns his presence, making his job of caring for her and understanding her special needs that much tougher. Without  giving away spoilers one can say that the rest of the story takes us into the world of the specially abled and the daily challenges they try to overcome, both parents and the special children. In a beautifully narrated story director Ram tries to make us fee

Quick Review : Sagaa

by Rinku Gupta Sagaa is the story of young juvenile delinquents and thier struggle to survive and dream of a better life, despite caught up in the net of crime. The young boys playing the roles are well chosen and do thier part in an exemplary manner, bringing out thier angst, grit and vulnerability fully. The cast includes Saran, Pakoda  PandiPrithvirajan, Aayira Ravi Venkatraman, SreeRam and Kishore. The action sequences are superbly concieved and executed, especially the jail fights. A few lags like a forced romance scene and songs take away from the tension built up. A little more in depth back stories could have been given in order for us to feel more for the characters. Overall  director Murugesh deserves credit for choosing a different story and setting to showcase the bonds of friendship in a different manner. Good production values, casting, realistic  action sequences and a racy screenplay make for a good watch. 

Quick Review : Sarvam Thaala Mayam

by Rinku Gupta Sarvam Thaala Mayam as the title suggests is a film  about music. The story is about Peter Johnson  ( GV Prakash) the son of a mridangam artisan who has grown up watching his dad make mridangams. An avid Vijay fan himself, he suddenly discovers a passion for the instrument and a desire to become a mridang player after a chance meeting with a famous maestro and vidwan ( Nedumudi Venu in a brilliant performance ). How his dream is thwarted at every step and whether he finally gets his goal is the story. This is undoubtedly one of GV Prakash's career best roles so far. The way he has played the character bringing out his innocence, passion, frustrations , simplicity,  perseverance and emotions makes one firmly believe that nobody else could have played it better.  The casting is superbly done by director Rajiv Menon who has tried to explore the world of music and the struggles people face when trying to break barriers  enter a new world hitherto somewhat closed t