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Popular Writer-Actor Ajayan Bala makes directorial debut with a film bankrolled by Ajay Arjun Productions and presented by Dr. Arjun

  Ajayan Bala, screenplay and dialogue writer of various super hit movies, is an actor as well. He is making directorial debut with a film bankrolled by Ajay Arjun Productions and presented by Dr. Arjun. The project got an auspicious start today with pooja. Shooting for the film, which is a beautiful love story set in hilly area, will begin on September 1 and will be completed in one go. Ajayan Bala, who has been working in Tamil cinema in various capacities for the past two decades as screenplay writer, dialogue writer and actor, was an integral part of notable movies including 'Chithiram Pesuthadi', 'Pallikoodam', 'Madarasapattinam', 'Deivathirumagal', 'Manithan', 'Chennaiyil Oru Naal', 'Lakshmi', and Thalaivi'. Ajayan Bala, who directed one of the six stories in the 2017 film 'Aaru Athiyayam', is now writing and directing a full-length film for the first time with this new project. With complete confidence in a goo

Movie Review : Saandrithazh

SAANDRITHAZH starring : Harikumar, Roshan Baseer Datuk  Radharavi, Abu khan Ravimariya, Manobala, Aruldass, Tanisha,  Aditya Kathir, .  Ashika and others. Written & Directed by JVR The film is set for release on August 4th in theatres  The story revolves around an ideal, utopian village which has no crimes,  where people are taught  self-discipline as a way of life,  where honesty and hard work is valued. The villagers even shun a  prestigious award for the model village and dont want  the local politico (Radha Ravi) to interfere in their way of functioning. But how was this village formed? Thereby hangs a tale, when a righteous man Vellaisamy (Harikumar) set up new way of  village life after seeing the cheating, alcoholism and  bad habits spoiling the lives of village folk. But what sacrifice did he have to give in order for things to achieve his goals?  The first half of the story is interestingly told  with actor Roshan Basheer doing a good job as the youth keeping tabs on the