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Grand Merit seat succees meet for LKG

It’s a rarity to see a film winning both commercially and critically. LKG is one such film which is being well recieved by audiences. The crew held a grand ' merit seat' success meet at a star hotel.  Here are some of the excerpts from the occasion. JK Rithesh said, “As I said earlier during the pre-Release event, I am so much glad to be a part of this film and if not for the hard work and creative abilities of the entire team, especially RJ Balaji, the film would have not made so much success.” Actor Ram Kumar said, “Balaji’s talent needn’t be revealed by me now as the film’s success itself has made it known to everyone else. As a producer, I am so much happy that producer like Isari K Ganesh has been a gift to Tamil industry and such personalities are really the need of hour to promote and encourage young talents. Everyone in the team has done a marvellous job. Music Director Leon James’ father Noel has been my close friend and to see him as second generation her

Quick Review : Thadam

by Rinku Gupta Thadam is the Magizh Thirumeni directed thriller starring Arun Vijay in a dual role produced by Inder Kumar of Redhans Cinemas. The story revolves around  Ezhil and Kavin ( Arun Vijay). Ezhil is a rich construction business owner while Kavin is a gambler and small timecon man and  robber. Yogi Babu is his close friend. They live separate lives. Until the day thier paths cross. Without giving away spoilers to this highly interesting, edge of the seat thriller, we can say that the story is about how they are caught up in a murder charge. The police are flummoxed as to who did the crime and why.  Which of them is the real criminal is what the story is about. The extensive  research and proper planning and attention to detail by director Thirumeni make the film what it is. So racy is the screenplay that every minute is spent taking the story  forward. The whodunnit suspense is kept up till the very end with wonderful twists all through right till the end.