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Quick Review: Goko Mako

With a different sounding name, one can make out that Goko Mako will surely attempt at being  something away  from the ordinary. But the efforts dont yield the desired results in  terms of viewer satisfaction. The story is about 2 lovers who go on a road trip. The girl is unaware that they are being captured  on canded camera as part of a song video. A group of youngsters who want to succeed in thier careers are behind this attempt.  What happens to thier ambitious plans is the story. The filming leaves much to be desired. The jokes fall flat and the characters seem to be mouthing ex -tempore dialogues. Chaams and YG Mahendran's attempt at slapstick humor along with the latter's screen wife begin to jar after a while. The dialogues dont resonate nor touch any chord while the whole plot seems hardly believable. Delhi Ganesh and AM Ratnam seem lost wit no clue as to what exactly they are doing in the story ( if one can call it that).  Arunkanth, the film's director ha

Quick Review: Kadhal Mattum Vena

by Rinku Gupta Directed by the film's hero, Sam Khan, Kadhal Mattum Vena can vbe said to be a love story with a difference. Without giving away spoilers and taking away from the suspense, one can reveal little of the plot. The story starts off with a young man in search of his missing girlfriend. But post interval it takes a different turn completely making the viewer sit up and take notice and begin using his grey cells. Though the screenplay seems convuluted and events may take some time and effort to grasp fully, the attempt to be different is perhaps what can be commended. The happenings in the second half may leave many squirming in thier seats when they learn what the hero character is after. Though it attempts to highlight  crimes against women, it doesnt carry it far enough to drive home any message. The editing is also by Sam Khan while the music is by Santhan Anebajagana and camerawork by JSK. The film is produced by Luckky Studios. The heroines are Elizabeth

Quick Review : Ada De

Touted to be perhaps the first film in Kollywood to be shot entirely on a mobile phone, the film is a about a scientist who discovers a formula to turn metal into Gold. How the formula falls into greedy hands and whether the scientist succeeds in protecting his find forms the story. In between there are secret agents, a comedian venteiloquist, and an organ trafickking gang amidst others, not to mention even a few aliens disguised as humans. The director has also acted in the film. Shot on an Iphone, the film is indeed a commendable effort in using available technology and limited resources and merging  it with creativity for the  love of cinema. From the illeffects of greed to a message to protect the environment , the film has it all. However there are no female actors in the film which has action and comedy in  equal measure. Direction, story, screenplay, dialogues and concept : Kamal Saromuni Music: Rashaanth Arvind Camera:Mayavan and Kamal Saramuni Producers: Vijaymuralee

Quick Review: Chithiram Pesudhu Di 2

by Rinku Gupta Chithiram Pesudhu Di 2 is a good effort by director Raajan  Madhav to showcase a hyperlink film. Sadly forvthe cast and crew, the film took several years to hit the screens. But the story is still held firmly in place thanks to good performances and a fast -paced screenplay.  Briefly put, the story revolves arpund several sets of characters played by Ajmal, Vidharth, Radhika Apte, Gayathrie, Nandan, Ashok and several others. Each of them is caught up in a problem, the solution of which is somehow linked to events in another person's life. A fast screenplay with twists and turns in place, ensure there is no lag interest nor in the pace of the story. A bunch of strong women characters is another point in its favour. The music by Saajan Madhav moves according to the denands of the story. Well concieved action sequences and a bunch of actors who fit thier roles to a T work in its favour . On the flip side one can say that the constant twists

Quick review : Dev

by Rinku Gupta Dev is the debut direction of Rajath Ravishankar and produced by Prince Pictures. Starring Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead, the film is a breezy love story with camerawork by Velraj and editing by Ruben. The story, put briefly, revolves around a rich youngster, Dev Ramalingam  ( Karthi) who indulges in his passion for adventure, travelling the globe, and believes that life is meant to be lived fully in all its glory, taking risks when  needed instead of wasting it behind a desk job.  He has 2 childhood friends ( the talented Amrita Srinivasan  and VJ Vignesh) whom he is very close to. He finds love one day in the form of internationally jet -setting businesswoman Meghna Padmavathy ( Rakul Preet Singh) whom he meets on Facebook. But the lady has no time for love.  She steers clear of romance largely because she  fears that after getting close to someone,  he might abandon her like her dad did her mother ( Ramya Krishnan). How Dev convinces her about his lo