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Film Review: Pichaikkaran 2

 The Vijay Antony starrer and his debut directorial, Pichaikkaran 2, hit theatres on May 19th. He is also the editor and music director of the film.  Vijay Gurumoorthy ( Vijay Antony) is amongst India's topmost billionaires. Hema (Kavya Thapar) works for him and has a romantic attachment with him.  Due to greed and lust for power, his 3 close aides hatch a plot to replace his brain via a latest surgery so that they can control  him and his wealth. They get a pichaikkaran named Sathya and replace Vijays brain, killing off Sathya. But Sathya is not interested in the riches for he is searching for his biggest loss, his,sister Rani whom he lost as a child. The 3 aides end up getting killed by Sathya who has spent years in jail. Sathya, wants his old life back.  But that's not easy as the entire power structure and vested interests stand in the way.  Will Sathya's secret be discovered? Will he get his lost sister back? What will happen to Gurumoorthy's wealth hounded by vest