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Atharvaa 's Boomerang confirms Dec 28 release

Filmmaker Kannan and his entire team of ‘Boomerang’ are thrilled  for a reason. The reason is the official confirmation of the worldwide release of their film on December.  28th. Director Kannan shares this joyful news saying, “We as an entire team of ‘Boomerang’ are so happy about getting our release date confirmed for December 28. It’s been a year of challenges for everyone in the team, especially for Atharvaa Murali, who took scrupulous efforts for three different looks in this movie. As a filmmaker and producer, I am so delighted that the entire team has stood beside me in shaping the project efficiently. I am sure our unceasing hard work will  pay off well as a New Year gift. Megha Akash and Indhuja will revieve recognition  for their earnest work in this film.”  He continues to shower his praises on others in the star-cast citing, “Upen Patel  didn’t want to compromise over giving the best shots. Although, he would be having someone to dub, he was keen on learni

Quick Review : Dhoni Kabadi Kuzhu

by Rinku Gupta As the title suggests Dhoni Kabadi Kuzhu is a film based on the game of Kabadi. The hero (Abhilash) is a village boy who loves to play cricket with his bunch of friends in the village playground . One day the ground is up for sale and the boys are devastated at the upcoming loss of thier means of sport and entertainment. In a gesture of goodwill the seller says he can sell it to them for a lower price. How can these boys raise 3 lakhs for the bid? Yet they manage to somehow collect 2.8 lakhs by crowd funding. A tea vendor who loves kabadi suggests they can win the remaining Rs 20,000 as prize money for a kabadi championship in another village. How do cricket and Dhoni lovers  change to kabadi ? Do they win the prize money and save the land is the story. Abhilash and the gang of friends have played their parts well. Leema Babu as his love interest is an asset to the film with her controlled acting and good expressions. The theme of focussing on Kabadi ( inste