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Film Review: Bommai Nayagi

 Pa Ranjith 's Neelam Productions' Bommai Nayagi is director Shan's debut film which hit screens on feb 3rd, starring Yogi Babu. Yogi Babu plays the affectionate father of a little girl  named Bommai Nayagi (Srimathi) and works at a tea stall. Though life is tough, he manages to pull along, till one day tragedy strikes. His 9 year old daughter is molested by 2 grown up drunkards. The distraught dad takes the help of his step brother ( Arul Doss) a devious politico who only shields the perpetrators. But help comes for the distraught parents in the form of an activist (Hari Krishna) who helps them get justice through the courts. Does the child overcome the trauma? Do the parents get justice? The story highlights the prevalent issue of child abuse and offers a ray of hope for the innocent and powerless, in the way the proceedings are shown and how the court case  is conducted. Some loopholes  the powerful take advantage of, which also take a toll on hapless victims, is equally

Film Review : Naan Kadavul Illai

 Director  SA Chandrasekar's Naan Kadavul Illai hits theatres today on Feb 3rd. Samuthirakani plays an upright CB CID division cop whose family comes into danger when a dangerous criminal Veerappan ( Saravanan) escapes jail and is out to seek revenge on him and anyone who was involved in convicting him.  He is aided by another cop ( Sakshi Agarwal).  In a parallel track is an old man who gets called Kadavul ( SAC) after he anonymously starts helping people.  What is the connection of all these characters? How do their paths intertwine? Does the  cop get to apprehend the blood thirsty criminal on time? Samuthirakani plays his part to perfection as the super cop and the family man.  The family scenes, are well captured with Ineya,well cast as his wife.  Sakshi plays  a cop who packs a mean punch and has done very well in the action scenes,  lending credibility to them. But the alluring attire she is in,  in such scenes makes you wonder if that was really necessary. SAC fits the part

Film Review : Thalaikoothal

 Director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan's Ynot Studios' production Thalaikoothal starring Samuthirakani, Kathir and Vasundhara Kashyap hits theatres on Feb 3rd. Samuthirakani plays a middle aged man whose comatose father needs a lot of caregiving which puts a strain on his finances and ultimately ruptures his family life with his wife,  played by Vasundhara. The age old practice of euthanasia is rampant in the area, for old folks who are cannot be healed, but  the father-son bond is so strong that the loving son refuses to resort to it. What happens when his wife decides to leave him? The film is realistically shot and the actors have played their parts so well,  that the happenings, draw you in completely. The family equations between dad and son, dad and daughter , husband and wife and even the in-laws, are brought out with care and conviction, giving you a peek into their lives.  The backstory of a youthful romance of the old man ( played by Kathir) is presented with some great